Hello and welcome! My name is Mark Ducommun or 'Duke' as I have been called since I was a teenager...holy smokes that was a while ago! I recently released a solo CD titled Duke's Blues 'N' Grooves which contains a mixture of Blues tunes and some other grooves -all original music. I'm a guitarist/singer and the music is mine, but I am also fortunate to know the following musicians who contributed their time and talents to my project:

Brad Novak (drums), Tim Wire (keyboards), Victoria Hughes (vocals), Matt Hughes (guitar), Charlie Tomlin (guitar &vocal), Chris Bickley (sax & flute), Ron Getz (guitar), Nathan Gilmore (keyboard), Jon Tornga (percussion), and Don Routzahn (Bass) who also wrote the lyrics for 'Soul Journey' and co-wrote lyrics with me on 3 other songs ('Troubled Mind', 'Paper or Plastic' and 'Sometimes I'm Right'). Even my recording engineer (who is also a bass player), Jack Conners got into the act and played bass on a song!

My CD Release Party @Little Bohemia in Traverse City was a Riot!. I wish to express sincere thanks to my family, friends & fans for coming out to the show! Thank-you Nancy, Danielle and all the staff at Little Bohemia for the great service, food, and helping me with my CD release show. Scott Silliman & Susan I really appreciate you working the door, and handling download card and CD sales. I also want to give a shout out to all the musicians & singers (most of which are listed in paragraph above), who helped me with the live show. Jim Hawley got things rolling with some acoustic tunes. Jack Conners 'rocked' the live mix. Tom Morrell video taped the show. Nancy Beecher and my wife Tina took a lot of photographs. Thank-you so much everyone! I couldn't have done it without you. The"LiveWire" afterparty was awesome, and Don & I got up and jammed some tunes with those guys. What a great afternoon! You can check out some pictures from the release party in the Photo Gallery.

My CD and/or downloadable MP3's are available at CD Baby.com, Worldrec.org (CD only), Google play, I-Tunes, Amazon.com, CD Universe and some other internet music sites. Click on AUDIO in the left hand column to listen to clips of all the tunes. The link on the right will take you to CD Baby for purchasing or listening to sound clips there. Check out the www.worldrec.org link also! (free shipping!!). I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did creating it. Thanks for visiting! 

LEAVE A COMMENT (left column) if you like. I'll be updating my website periodically. Please tell your friends, give them my web address link: www.dukesmusic.net  or CD baby link: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/markducommun

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